Corporate Sustainability Report 2021

As part of our participation in the Voka Charter ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’, The Compost Bag Company worked on a sustainability policy last year in the form of a corporate sustainability report. A collection of 12 action points to be achieved by 2021, with a focus on impact on environment, society and (of) products.

Our 2021 action points:

  • Determining the current carbon footprint
  • Mapping total energy consumption per production line
  • Reducing unnecessary heat losses through better insulation of pipes
  • Switch to VOC-free printing inks
  • Limiting micro-plastics in soil and water by Operation Clean Sweep
  • Increasing recycled content in food contact products
  • Offer free locally grown fruit to employees
  • Well-focused internal and external communication
  • Cooperation with schools on sustainable business
  • Establishing cooperation on hygienic dog waste solution
  • Creating a sustainability report
  • Improving the ergonomicsof workstations