We are The Compost Bag Company

The Compost Bag Company nv produces compostable bags and films from (partly) renewable sources. This takes place in a sustainable manner in the heart of Herent, Belgium.

We strive to provide the public with a range of eco-friendly products more sustainable than the available alternatives. ‘Sustainabilityrefers to the entire life cycle of our products: the origin of the material, the sustainable and local production and the afterlife of our products.

Within this framework, The Compost Bag Company develops concepts for different areas of application, focusing onmaximum ease of use and hygiene.Our green story really has to make sense.

Our ultimate goal? Reduce plastic waste with our environmentally friendly alternatives. Therefore we choose for natural and renewable material: our end product is fully compostable. During the production process we strive for a minimal impact on the environment. No compromises in terms of qualityeither: neither in our products, nor in the way we produce them.

and this is our story

An eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle might have been a hot topic for a few years now, but at The Compost Bag Company, we have been talking about our environmentally friendly alternative, made in our factory in Herent, for 17 years.

  • Already in the 50s of the 20th century, polyethylene was made into bags and films on our site in Herent. Polyethylene is the most widely used traditional plastic, derived from petroleum.
  • In 1982, Gaston Vanderlinden took up the torch: Jemaco was born. Continuous product innovation focused on environmental gain and ease of use, made the company an exemple for its sector. Even before the turn of the millennium, compostable material was being tested.
  • The production of compostable bags and films really took off in 2004. Through close cooperation with international commercial players, this segment grew strongly. In 2008, the decision was made to focus on the production of compostable bags and films. Four years later, in 2012, the time had come: from now on, the company would only produce bio-degradable products from renewable material.
    The company changed its name to the significant ‘The Compost Bag Company’.
  • Today, 35 employees are at work at The Compost Bag Company and our products are used in over 25 countries on 3 continents.
  • In 2022, the company will celebrate its 40th anniversary.


Gaston Vanderlinden founds Jemaco.


Jemaco NV suprises the market with several innovations in terms of products (e.g. ‘drawstring bag’) and services (Just in Time-deliveries).


Erik Vanderlinden becomes CEO after Gaston’s death.


The first tests with compostable material are performed at the site in Herent.


Jemaco NV obtains the ISO-14001 certificate for its environmental management.


The revenue from compostable bags increases every year with more than 35%. The focus of the company lies definitively on these products.


Jemaco NV becomes The Compost Bag Company and now exclusively processes compostable material from renewable sources.


The webshop is launched and theVentiMax is introduced to the market.


The site in Herent is recognised as a solvent free factory thanks to UV-light printing.

The webshop for the professional market is launched.

This is our team

We are the team behind The Compost Bag Company, nice to meet you!

Erik Vanderlinden

Jos Celen

Edwin Ingelaere
VP Sales & Marketing

An Ledeganck

Supply Chain Manager
ISO Coordinator
Prevention advisor

Nils Kern
Production Manager
Head of Technical Department

Monika Denolf

Karina Daniëls
Account Manager (Flanders)

Damien Floymont
Account Manager (Wallonia & France)

Sabrina Isenborghs
Supply Chain Assistant
Sales Support

Yente Paesmans
Digital Marcom Creative

Leontien Vanderschelden
Sales Support
Admin Assistant

Besides a great office team, our production site in Herent is runned by a fantastic group of people.

Our mission and vision

Solid moral values

The Compost Bag Company operates in an institutional, economic, political, social and cultural context of great diversity, characterised by constant change. All business activities are to be performed within the law and compliant with the principle of fair competition, in all fairness and integrity, and with respect for the legitimate interests of clients, employees and shareholders, commercial and financial partners and of society and the environment in which the company operates. Everyone at The Compost Bag Company, without distinction or exception, commits to following these principles and expects the same from its contacts and clients. The corporate interest can never be invoked as justification for behaviour that is inconsistent with these principles.

Our mission

Plastic waste poses an enormous environmental problem. Non-biodegradable plastic does not only pollutes nature, but also all kinds of organic recycling systems, such as composting and fermentation. The Compost Bag Company wants to reduce this problem.

Therefore The Compost Bag Company develops, produces and commercialises alternative and fully compostable products, made from renewable, natural material.

This way The Compost Bag Company wants to make a positive contribution to the valorisation of organic waste. We want to offer convenience to our private and professional clients and sensitize them to sort smartly and keep organic waste free of traditional plastic. Organic waste can as such be recycled to high-quality compost, a perfect soil improver for agriculture and horticulture. And all this without polluting the soil with micro plastics!

Our vision

The Compost Bag Company wants to play a leading role in the European market of renewable, bio-degradable and compostable bags and films. Therefore the company continuously develops innovative concepts in terms of hygiene, convenience and environmental friendliness.

The Compost Bag Company pursues a sustainable approach with maximum respect for people and the environment.