DogsDoo™ retail package [15 retaildoosjes met 2 rollen]


DogsDoo™ dog waste bags are used to clean up dog waste in an eco-friendly and plastic-free way. One article ‘DogsDoo™ dog waste bags – retail pack’ consists of 15 retail boxes with 50 dog waste bags (2 rolls of 25 bags) per box.

DogsDoo™ ecological dog waste bags are:

  • Made from renewable, plant-based raw materials (cardamine thistle – MaterBi raw material)
  • locally and sustainably produced in Belgium (Herent)
  • Fully compostable (OK COMPOST HOME) and EN13432 European certified

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This product is also available at a lower price in a benefit pack of 5 boxes: click here.

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Ecological and hygienic/safe alternative

Are you, as a retailer, looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic dog waste bags? The DogsDoo™ dog waste bags are fully compostable (OK COMPOST HOME certified and compliant with European regulations – EN13432) and micro-plastic-free, thus no longer contributing to the plastic problem. They are strong and big enough for any size.


+ strong and sturdy bags
+ large enough for any size (size: 22 cm x 32 cm)
+ comes in a handy retail box (2 rolls of 25 bags per box) + retail card that fits neatly in the box
+ eco-friendly alternative for plastic dog waste bags
+ convenient to carry with you


– The bags have a limited shelf life as they are compostable, so be sure to use them within a year of the production date (found on the print).


The Compost Bag Company advises against buying a large number of items at once. The compostable bags retain their positive qualities up to 1 year after the production date, after which they begin to degrade.

Remember: dog waste must be cleaned up at all times and thrown into a waste bin. Dog waste and ecological bags do NOT belong in nature, but in the waste bin.

Green production

DogsDoo™ dog waste bags are produced in an eco-friendly and sustainable way in Belgium at their factory in Herent: The Compost Bag Company. The bags are made from renewable, plant-based raw materials that originate in Italy.

Additional information

Dimensions 220 × 320 mm


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