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CompostBag® compostable bin liners are used to protect your bin or container. One item “CompostBag® 35L – benefit package” consists of 5 boxes of 10 rolls with 25 original CompostBag® compostable bin liners (1250 bags).

The CompostBag® compostable bin liners are:

  • Made from renewable, plant-based raw materials (cardamine thistle – MaterBi raw material)
  • locally and sustainably produced in Belgium (Herent)
  • Fully compostable (OK COMPOST HOME) and EN13432 European certified

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Ecological alternative

With the compostable CompostBag® waste bags, it’s easy to contribute to a better environment. Looking for an ecological alternative for everyday items? Then start with our compostable CompostBags®. The compostable waste bags are completely microplastic-free, so you no longer contribute to the plastic problem.

Environmentally friendly and hygienic

By using these compostable bin liners, you can effortlessly keep your waste container or bin clean. Our compostable CompostBag® bin liners are fully compostable and OK COMPOST certified. In addition, they also comply with European regulations and are therefore EN13432 certified.


+ strong and solid bags
+ different sizes available (35L = 60 cm x 74 cm)
+ easy size that fits perfectly in your container or bin
+ ecological alternative to plastic bags


– The bags have a limited shelf life as they are compostable, so be sure to use them within a year of the production date (found on the print).


The Compost Bag Company advises against buying a large number of items at once. The compostable bags retain their positive qualities up to 1 year after the production date, after which they begin to degrade.

Green production

CompostBag® bin liners are produced in an ecological and sustainable way in Belgium at their factory in Herent: The Compost Bag Company. The bags are made from renewable, plant-based raw materials that originate in Italy.

Additional information

Dimensions 600 × 740 mm


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