The Compost Bag Company NV (CBC) has been active as a producer of plastic bags and films since 1982 and has roots dating back to the mid-1950s. From the very start, CBC has been committed to innovation in products and services with the aim of increasing ease of use and reducing environmental impact. First CBC chose the less environmentally damaging high density polyethylene (HDPE); since 2012 the company focuses entirely on compostable bags and films, mainly from renewable bio-materials. The product and service innovations are driven by the acquired know-how, competence and commitment of the employees and by the strong customer orientation of the entire organisation. This policy has led to CBC occupying a leading position, primarily in the European B2B market to local authorities, services and industry. Key concepts to achieve continuous improvement are innovation, quality and service. Our motto ‘Strong & Flexible therefore applies to both our products and our organisation. Our motto ‘Strong & Flexible therefore applies to both our products and our organisation.

The management of CBC is well aware that it can only safeguard the continuity of the organisation and the interests of the relevant stakeholders (customers, suppliers, staff, surroundings, shareholders) by supplying high-quality products at a competitive price, with respect for the health and safety of its employees and local residents and with respect for the environment. Risk-based thinking forms the basis for making decisions and formulating objectives. Measurable quality and environmental objectives (including the associated action plans) therefore form an integral part of our operational management, alongside our economic objectives. Every employee has the responsibility and duty to help realise the objectives. To this end, the procedures, instructions, manuals and methods within our care system must be respected and complied with. . Management is committed to providing the necessary resources for the realisation of the objectives.

Quality, environment and employee safety are of utmost importance to secure the future of The Compost Bag Company NV.

All our actions and decisions must have as their ultimate goal the delivery of quality products in accordance with customer requirements, at the best possible economic conditions. The management of The Compost Bag Company NV hereby undertakes to comply with at least:

✓ the predetermined quality requirements and expectations of customers
✓ respecting legislation and regulations

The Compost Bag Company NV undertakes to develop its care system and to keep it operational in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. The aim is to control and continuously improve the performance in the field of quality, environment and safety of the employees. The focus here is on, among other things:

✓ The quality of the end products;
✓ Optimisation of the production processes;
✓ Controlling the air emissions caused by the production processes;
✓ Respecting the ban on discharging company waste water (zero discharge);
✓ Managing energy efficiently;
✓ The prevention of noise pollution;
✓ The separate collection of waste materials;
✓ Prevention of environmental incidents;
✓ Protection of the environment;
✓ Prevention of (near) accidents.